Gls Gfs Tanks Manufcatuers Supplier

GLS Glass Lined Steel Tanks / GFS Glass Fused to Steel Tank

We provide to our customers with wide varieties of tanks as per their needs and requirements:

1. Glass Lined Steel Tanks- GLS Tanks

2. Glass Fused to Steel Tanks- GFS Tanks

3. Stainless Steel Tanks and Fiber Re In forced Tanks- FRP Tanks

4. Glass Reinforced Tank- GRP tanks

5. Zinc Alum Tanks

6. Fire Protection Standard Tanks

7. MS Fabricated Tanks- Mild Steel with Epoxy Coating

8. Carbon Steel Pressure Tanks

9. Steel Liner Tanks

10. WWTP Waste Water Tanks

11. Drinking Water Storage Tanks

Our professional team of Fabricators and our Engineers are able to make customized designs, analyze and do engineering of tanks & vessels based on international codes and standard policies in industry. Thus ensures long lasting performance, structural integrity and high long durability against long term corrosion and leakages.

We are fabricators and suppliers of Glass Lined Steel / Glass fused to steel Tanks . Different customers have different applications and capacity volume requirements. Some customers need GLS GFS tanks for storage of drinking RO water, some need for Waste Water storage tanks, some need for storing food grains or any other stuffs. We cater the individual customer need through customization of all volumes and specifications.

AGRICULTURAL SILOS / GRAIN STORAGE SILOS – These Steel Silos using proprietary Zincalume steel to reduce heating or solar absorption and thereby drastically reducing the aeration cost required for silos. These silos are used for usually the storages of tea coffee, maize, paddy, sugar, wheat, barley, grains etc

Our GLS Tanks comes with

● Glass-Fused-to-Steel sheets

● Self-locking bolt (HDG) with PP cap, nut, washer, including 5% backup

● Silicon sealant, waterproof sealant

● HDG top&bottom angles, HDG wind stiffener (If required by the design)

● Access vertical ladder with safety cage and platform 1M x 1M (HDG)

1*DN600 manway, 4*DN200 nozzles designed according to the standard of ANSI B16.5 CLASS 150 (HDG)